• Resin can take up to 30 days to fully cure so please keep your piece as flat as possible and be careful of how heavy an object you put on top of it within that time.
  • Some of my resin products contain UV stabilizers to help fight against and prevent the yellowing when in direct constant sunlight, while others do not have UV protection.  It is not necessary depending on intended use of the finished product to have UV protection. Please be sure to ask or read descriptions if you are intending a piece for outside use.
  • At this time MAS Table Top Resin is not FDA approved for direct food contact.  That being said, I’ve made many charcuterie boards with this product and personally feel comfortable if the tabletop/charcuterie comes in contact with food (we recommend putting your dried goods or bowls by the resin portion of the charcuterie board), but we wouldn’t use it to coat a food prep surface where the food will have direct and long continuous exposure (for example don’t eat ketchup off of the resin portion).
  • All resin products are heat resistant to about 130F 


  • For your board: Oil your board at least once month, more frequent depending on use. Do not use a knife on the resin portion as it will leave a mark. When creating a charcuterie spread put your dried goods or bowls on the resin portion and the rest on the wood. Hand wash only with soap and water. 
  • For your coasters: Do not place pots from the stove top on coasters, they are not trivets. Wipe down how you would clean any glass surface. If you should get a heat dent, or small scratch simply heat your coaster with a blow dryer and place on a flat surface.
  •  For your candle: The first time you light your candle let it burn until you reach a full even pool, roughly 4 hours. Keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4” Never leave a lit candle unattended or in a flammable area/room. When your candle is done scrape the excess wax and use the vessel as a decorative piece.
  • For your tumbler cup: Hand wash only, do not soak in water or put in dishwasher. Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat (such as leaving in a car for a few hours). Most importantly please be careful as to not drop! 
  • Although resin is resilient when it is fully cured, hardened resin can be fragile and break/crack if dropped so please be careful.


  • If you notice a dent from your cup or mug on your resin piece, simply heat the area with a blow dryer and the dent will disappear, good as new.
  • If your coasters were left in a car or outside in direct sunlight for an extended period and you notice them becoming "soft" or playable, don't worry! Simply lay them flat in a cool area and after about ten to fifteen minutes they will be rock hard and flat again.