• Resin can take up to 30 days to fully cure so please keep your piece as flat as possible and be careful of how heavy an object you put on top of it within that time.
  • Some of my resin products contain UV stabilizers to help fight against and prevent the yellowing when in direct constant sunlight, while others do not have UV protection.  It is not necessary depending on intended use of the finished product to have UV protection. Please be sure to ask or read descriptions if you are intending a piece for outside use.
  • Resin is rated food safe and is non toxic when in its hardened state.
  • All resin products are heat resistant to either 120F or 500F it will specify on each individual item.


  • Recommend hand washing/wiping your pieces as needed with a glass safe cleaner.  I personally use either windex or simply water mixed with rubbing alcohol.
  • If you ordered a cheese, charcuterie or other types of cutting boards I do not suggest using a knife on the decorative resin part, again while resin is resilient you can make knife marks in it. 
  • Although resin is resilient when it is fully cured, hardened resin can be fragile and break/crack if dropped so please be careful.


  • If you notice a dent from your cup or mug on your resin piece, simply heat the area with a blow dryer and the dent will disappear, good as new.
  • If your coasters were left in a car or outside in direct sunlight for an extended period and you notice them becoming "soft" or playable, don't worry! Simply lay them flat in a cool area and after about ten to fifteen minutes they will be rock hard and flat again.